The Story of AJ's Shop

I'm AJ, and I used to run a electronics repair shop in Port Orange (Daytona Beach area) Florida.
In 2004 three major hurricanes passed through the Daytona Beach area. Charley, Frances and Jeanne. Though we were spared the massive devastation that others in the southeast suffered, we got our share. Electric was out for about a week after each storm and the cleanup of downed trees and roof damage lasted for more than one year.
In between the last 2 storms (Frances and Jeanne) a large pine tree was removed from next to my shop. When they dropped the main trunk, a chunk about 40 feet long and 2 foot across, it created quite a thump when it hit the ground. This apparently broke the water line to the toilet above my shop creating the mess pictured below. Or maybe it just broke, we'll never know for sure.

Due to the lack of electric and the overload of commercial cleanup services plus my personal troubles in taking care of my ailing wife, Alice, both I and the business park management were unable to do any cleanup in a timely fashion. These troubles, combined with the fact that my business had moved on to computer service (mostly done in the customers home or shop) had made my shop an expense I could no longer afford. Especially since VCR's now cost less to buy than an hours service time.
So I cleaned the mess up within a few months. Trashed the stuff that was really damaged, sold a bunch of the more common items (about 3 truck loads) and stored the rest in a customers spare office and my spare bedroom.
Well, flash forward to now, almost 2 years later. I am now widowed and the proud owner of a bunch of stuff that is increasingly unnecessary to my current lifestyle.
And the storage is costing me cash I could use to pay bills.
So this stuff is going on
eBay and select items will be on my Stuff for Sale page.
And I created this page to explain the reason for the sale.
Thanks for your interest,
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