Springs on the Suwanee River


   Way down upon the Suwannee River, besides old folks at home, there are springs, lots of springs. All pumping out millions of gallons a day of the clearest, coolest (72 degrees) water.
   They make a great destination for a overnight canoe or boat trip, or a day trip, driving or boating.
   Some camping is available, See Springs Links page.
   Kirk, Lucia, Ali and AJ went boating one day, and driving on another to visit these springs.

   Altough the Suwannee is wide, boating can be tricky due to limestone shoals.
   Obtaining local knowledge is recommended, or at least some spare shear pins. The river can also be very treacherous in flood, and most of the springs will be inundated anyway.

    This Map, painted on the wall of the Luraville Grocery, Hwy 51 just north of the Suwannee, (page 53, C-2 in your DeLorme Florida Gazetteer) is a good starting place for a driving trip. You can meet friends there, pick up some snacks or drinks, and hit the road with that all important local knowledge.

    Here's some photos Lucia took.



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Last Modified August 12, 2009