An Enchanted Vacation
Carlsbad and Beyond

I have wanted to tour Carlsbad Caverns for years. I love caves. Here are some photos of the more spectacular formations.

Don't Touch!Kings PalaceLions Tail
Breast of VenusTotem PoleCrystal Springs Dome
Bats! Lots of Bats!   More Bats!

This is a really large cave, or series of caves. There are "wild" cave tours, crawls and more available. See Carlsbad Caverns homepage.
Since our visit it has been found that Carlsbad Caverns and Lechuguilla Cave are connected.

Then to home, 3 days driving, about 10 hours a day. It's more fun when you haven't got that "home jones" going.

One last photo, the "girls" reunion, on the evening we arrived in Daytona
(Alice made me stop to visit before we even went home).
From left to right Julie Kain, Alice Jerig, Carrie Rutherford.
You're Back!

Well that's about it, we stopped at Wal-Marts in 5 states, had a lot of fun, saw some neat stuff and got some rest and recreation. We'll be going back to New Mexico next year, I'm sure. We have to, we forgot to get the address of the store where we bought Ali's favorite Beef Jerky, "Texas Best Jerky - Made from Brisket". It was a Jerky Store (Yes, that's about all they sold) on US 287 between Dallas and Amirillo. We didn't know how good it was 'till we finished it, and had burnt the bag, and bought some other jerky (tough). Oh well, a good excuse to go back sooner.
(P. S. We did go back the next year and tracked down the Jerky Store, they had moved and reorganized their business and swore they never made jerky from brisket. Said it was too expensive a cut of meat to make jerky from, "Who'd want that?", he said. "I do", I said.
Personally, I think they just wanted to keep the brisket jerky for themselves. Or maybe it was too expensive, thus the business reorganization.)

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