An Enchanted Vacation
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What a view! My wife ALI and I recently (May 1999) had an opportunity to help some customers move to New Mexico. This involved packing their art and household goods, towing their car to Albuquerque, and helping them unpack and settle in their new home. This earned us enough cash to spend three weeks wandering around New Mexico,
Ruby Throated Hummingbirdschecking out the Hummingbirds,

soaking in hot springs, Clothing Optional!

eating great spicy food (LOVE that green chile sauce),

Watching the birds and campers go by... and watching the birds and campers go by...

It's Spiderman!On Memorial Day weekend (May 29 and 30, 1999) , in Albuquerque, they had a Regional Ballooning meet, The Rio Grande Balloon Classic, winners get to go to the Nationals.

The balloons launched at one end of Fiesta Park, rose about 100 feet, Mass Ascension

They all Float! and drifted down to the other end of the park, where there was a X target of plastic strips pinned to the ground, at which the pilots toss a marked weighted streamer. The streamers that land closest to the center of the X, score the highest.
After the toss, the pilots rose to about 200 feet, where the wind was blowing the other direction.

Drifting both directions. This blew them back to the starting area, so they didn't have to chase to load the balloons after landing.

To Faywood Hot Springs and Beyond

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