Elephant Butte

This used to be a Java based panorama viewer. This did not work well on the modern web. I am checking other options, but haven't gotten far.

Here is a smaller version to peek at, you can view a bigger one in a new tab by clicking it.

Elephant Butte

The panorama starts at Elephant Butte (elevation 4,722 feet), then the Marina comes into view, next is a visitor in a pickup, up Water Tank Hill (elevation 4,520 feet), across the parking lot, whose Ford van is that?, then down into the RioGrande Valley, up to the dam, the road across the dam is one way (towards us, from the town of Elephant Butte), then Elephant Butte Lake appears again, the safety rope is to keep boats away from the dam.

This lake is approximately 15 miles long, 3 1/2 miles across.

The photos that comprise this panorama were taken by AJ Jerig,
at high noon, January 3, 2001 with a Fugi FinePix 1400 on a tripod.


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