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AJs Affiliates

Lunarpages.com Web Hosting

Powerful LED flashlights, the brightest LED keychain micro-lights & more

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Search and Info Tools
I find, that with the maturing of the Internet, most questions can be answered with the proper search phrase in Google.
 Google ANYWHO 
Florida Gas Price Map Area Code Info 
ZabaSearch - Find People U.S. Postal Service 
 Universal Currency Converter  UPS

If the banners don't show due to AdBlock, use this link.
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How fast are you connected? Try this Bandwidth Test.
BrightHouse Speed Test. Has a nice Connection Graph.
Or this one:
Speakeasy Speed Test.

 Nuts & Volts Magazine    ECG is now - NTE Electronics,Inc.
 Datasheets 360   Maxim Integrated Products
 Marlin P Jones & Associates   Sci. Electronics. Repair FAQ 
 Wenzel's Circuit Library   Don Lancaster, Your Electronics Guru 
 Bob Parkers ESR Meter Page   G'Day   Don's Light, Lamp, and Strobe Page 

The Arts in Volusia County

ArtHaus is a small unique non profit organization
dedicated to enhancing Visual Arts education in Volusia County.

VanGo Mobile Museum is the mobile outreach program of the ArtHaus Foundation which brings a
free museum field trip experience to Volusia and Flagler county schools and organizations.

Kelli Jo Hull is the local author of The House of Roses.
Read some chapters and check out J.T.'s recipes.

 A-Rest Records 
Mike Felisko, local musician with a small personal project recording studio.

Rick Steffen

Trop-rock staple Rick Steffen continues to satisfy boaters, pirates, and
travelers with the Key West urge with his original style of music.

Kingfisher Variety
Kirk and Lucia's plant website for Bamboo, Herbs and Palms in Orange Lake, Florida.

Purses - Totes
Pat's Creative Stitching / Baywood Shops
We Sell Hand Made in the USA Purses and Tote Bags.

NOAA Sat Pix & Weather Info
 NOAA 24 Hour Sat Loopers  NOAA Home Page 
 NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory NWS Home Page
NWS Radar Melbourne, FL.

WESH Interactive Radar

Firesign Theater
 Firezine  House of Firesign 

 Bob Rivers - Twisted Tunes The Electric Amish

 Origami   Paper CD Case 
 Joseph Wu's Origami Page   Fabric Origami Home

CW Network RTN

Web Page Tools
A great tool for displaying images (and more) in a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats overtop of web page.
The JavaScript Source

 HTML Goodies Lunarpages.com Web Hosting
My new Host. Affordable Unlimited Everything.
I recommend them highly!

Computer Resources

Anand's Hardware Tech

Motherboard HomeWorld ID Tools
Sales Circular
Find what's on sale this week.

Windows Secrets
Worth the time and/or money.


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