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AJ's Favorite FREE Software


Free software has changed a lot over the last several years.
Lots of free software nowadays contains ads and sometimes worse, spyware.
Be careful what you download and find some real reviews before exposing yourself unnecessarily.
The following are links to various places where you can download the programs.


I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials
a free security tool by the folks that make your OS.
Highly recommended by the folks at Windows Secrets.
I have been running this on all my own machines, and most of my customers, running XP
through Win 7 as it contains both anti-virus and an anti-malware that run full time.
One of the main considerations in using it for my customers is that it doesn't
require a yearly re-registration thus less calls about "My Anti-Virus is expired!?!!".
As an alternative, I also recommend Avast!, a free anti-virus software.
It works well, blocks both viruses and malware.
They also support "Talk Like a Pirate Day" September 19th.
Download Avast! @ C-NET.
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
is a great free tool for removing those stubborn spyware stains.
Always update before scanning.
another great free tool for removing spyware.
Always update before scanning.
They also have a free portable version to carry on a flash drive
for those already infected computers.
Boot into safe mode, drag it to the desktop and run.
The portable is updated with new definitions regularly,
so download a new one for that next job.
Optional, but convenient.

PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft.
To view all those .pps files your friends send.
Excel Viewer from Microsoft.
Lots of folks send me business info in Excel files.
I guess they think it's better than Word or a text file.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
A must have to read many online documents.
Keep this updated.
HTML-Kit 292
An advanced HTML text editor.
Although the layout is similar to SiteAid
(an older HTML editor that is no longer available),
the sheer number of tools can be a bit daunting.
Optional add ons include spell check, thesaurus and HTML Tidy.
They have a newer, paid version also.

Looking to buy some software? Try here.

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