Body, Inc. by Alan Dean Foster

Body, Inc. by Alan Dean Foster

Part 2 of  The Tipping Point Trilogy, part 1 was The Human Blend. I had already read the first one and when I saw the name Whispr (I remembered this from the first story) I grabbed this.

Some time in the future. Ocean levels are rising worldwide. Savannah is covered with boardwalks and stilt houses, just like many other low lying places around the world (Most of Florida is gone, underwater.). Body melding is common with outrageous and sometimes useful body mods common. Dr. Ingrid Seastrom, a Natural, meets Whispr (Modded so thin, he almost disappears when he turns sideways, excellent camouflage for a sneak thief.) when he is dumped at her office to have a tracking device removed. Whispr and his partner have rolled and robbed a guy, stealing a ‘thread’ and in the resultant police chase Whispr gets the tracker and his partner gets killed. The Dr. removes the tracker and gets curious about the ‘thread’ and while trying to figure it out finds implants of the same strange otherworldly material in teenagers recovering from bad melds. She has decided to find out what this is all about and finds that some powerful folks want her to stop. Great chase scene evolves and the books tapers to a dangling end.

That was the last book, cut to this book.

Pick up Whispr and Dr. Ingrid in the South Africa Economic Combine (SAEC or SICK, as it is commonly pronounced) looking for the makers of the ‘thread’, still being chased by the assassin from the last book, Napun Molé, a older, but extremely competent killer.

Although I tend to not like series books, these are written so they are stand alone readable. You want to read the next one, but just because it will be good, not because you have to as the author left the story hanging. Read these, they’re worth your time. 4 1/2 Stars.

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