AJ Speaks

Really, I do! I also read a lot. A whole lot. I had a bookshelf at my old shop. Customers were constantly amazed that I “really read ALL those books?”, said in a tone of disbelief like I had told them I had eaten a small car for breakfast. How much of a problem could reading a few books be? I got harassed all through school as a ‘bookworm’. Turns out I had a depth perception problem that wasn’t found until I was 18. So, I couldn’t catch or hit a ball, but I could read, so I did. It can always become a problem in my relationships. I have learned to judge the viability of a possible girlfriend by the initial reaction when they catch me reading while waiting for them. The ones that just whip out their own book and sit down next to me are the long term ones. And thankfully, you find constant readers everywhere.

I read out of the local public library nowadays, I can’t afford to buy even book club books anymore. This is why I talk about books being tagged Sci-Fi or Florida, for instance. They don’t have these tags at the bookstore, they have sections, which may work just as well.    You also won’t see too many bad reviews here, I only review the the books I finish and if I don’t like it, I don’t read it. So if it’s that bad, it’s not here.


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